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The methods outlined in this article to increase subscribers of the Telegram channel are all quite standard, effective and practical.
It is better to go with us to the end of this story rather than thinking about shortcuts and unusual ways.

The channel’s owner and creator, as the lead manager, can add up to 200 bilateral contacts (Mutual Contacts means the contacts you have their number, and they also have your number too) as the channel builder.
This action has been given to the channel maker to start the channel as a suitable stimulus from the Telegram to accelerate the channel growth. But the big problem with this method is that subscribers are uninformed and unsatisfied, which can make them uncomfortable leaving the channel.

How to include a list of numbers (such as an Excel file, text, etc.) into the channel subscribers?
How about adding more than 200 people to the channel?
The answer is: You can not add more than 200 subscribers and the only way is providing and producing relevant and valuable content to absorb new people.

Buying Telegram subscribers is the first way to increase subscribers of Telegram channel or group

  The best way to get many subscriber on Telegram channel is to produce valuable content so that your current audience of the channel will be able to forward it to other groups in which they are subscribers, and those groups will see and visit your channel. Encourage them to subscribe to your channel. For this purpose, the following recommendations can be helpful:

telegram subscribers add

telegram subscribers add

How to get new subscribers on Telegram?

Choose the right logo image and description for your channel
At the end of each post (text or image) you publish on the channel, include the channel ID (URL) or (link) so the link will be sent if the channel posts are forwarded elsewhere.

  If you are a subscriber of a group, post your channel content in the groups below with the link below to promote it to the group subscribers. This is one of the most effective ways to get many subscriber on Telegram channel.
Of course, remember to include a photo, image and invitation link in your channel promotion.  

Selecting the right topic and purpose
Set your goal of building a channel, and after a while, do not change the link and subject of the channel, and try to publish content related to the name and history of the channel to avoid losing subscribers.
For example, if the channel that comes up with the name and description of a scientific, if post about humorous or political, some subscribers may dislike it and leave the channel.

The subject of the channel itself also plays a key role in its future. For example, entertainment channels that contain humorous content are more successful in attracting subscribers than commercial, scientific, and so on.

Link exchange with other channels, especially popular channels
Another way that can help grow your channel subscribers very quickly is to advertise on the most popular channels in the Telegram itself, which is done in both reciprocal and monetized ways.

 In the cross-promotion method (also known as link exchange), you can agree with another channel manager that you advertise their link on your channel and instead have your channel advertise on their channel.

telegram indian subscribers

telegram indian subscribers

Of course, exchange links with big channels with many subscribers.

  Another important point is that link exchange is attractive at an early stage, but overuse of it causes the quality of the channel to decline, and the reason for the subscribers leaving the channel itself. Try to do this once or twice a day.
In the second approach, which is dedicated to channels with over 5,000 subscribers, channel managers will get paid to advertise your channel on their channel.

Advertise the channel in other media
Another effective way to get many subscriber on Telegram channel is to disseminate channel information and URLs on Internet websites. You can do this by sharing your channel information by searching Google and finding websites that share a list of Telegram channels.
It can also be useful to use other social networks like Facebook, Google Plus, Line, and more.

Keeping old subscribers is more important than recruiting a new subscriber
One of the most important ways to increase channel subscribers is to maintain a Telegram channel. That means you should be able to create a gravity channel that will encourage people to stay in the channel if a new subscriber enters the channel. There is always subscribers in all channels, but in many of them there is a loss of subscribers so much that there is not an increase in the number of subscribers but a decrease in the number of tangible subscribers.

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