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Types of link exchanges in the Telegram

The best way to increase Telegram channel and group members is to use Telegram link exchanges, link and banner exchanges in groups and channels that have a theme related to your channel or group.
Link exchange helps increase the reach of your channel and group members in the Telegram.

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Telegram channel administrators have created groups of link exchanges to find channels for both their class and their subject matter, which is how multiple group administrators come together in such groups and prepare for their exchanges. And inform.

If you want users and members of the Telegram channel and group to eventually be drawn to your product purchase, you may want to link to channels and groups that have similar content and subject matter to your business.

The types of exchanges common in Telegram space are as follows:

Single link Exchange
One of the simplest types of Telegram exchanges is single link exchange.

 Timed Link Exchange
In this type of two-channel exchange that intends to exchange with each other, the number of members is approximately the same. The exchange is that they agree to channel their advertising banners from one watch to the next and remove it after a certain period of time.

telegram subscribers increase

telegram subscribers increase

Telegram link exchange

More thoughtful and thoughtful than timed link exchange. In this type of exchange, the parties agree on a specific number of post views, and when their banner ad reaches that amount, they remove it from their channel. In this type of link exchange, no one’s right is lost.

Telegram channels that need more members increments and this members increment is not possible with a single exchange decide to test the exchange by other ways of link exchanges.

In this type of Telegram link exchange you simultaneously exchange multiple Telegram channels. Your exchange with the channels will be timed and the banners will fall below.

The important point is that in the promotion and exchange of Telegram links, the last posts are more important so the process is to exchange channels with fewer members of their last posts to the channels that have more members. And they’ve been involved in the exchange, and the bigger channels have the smaller channels on their list.

The concept of exchange on exchange should work in addition to learning empirically, in order to have a thorough, comprehensive and thorough training.

Overnight link exchange on Telegram

One of the types of link exchanges you need to do is exchange between the two Telegram channels between 9pm and 6am.

The reason for this type of link exchange is the optimal use of time that is so-called conventional channel break time.

Telegram Rotary Link Exchange

Rotational exchange is also a type of Telegram link exchange that is usually undertaken by a person as a leader or guide.

In the end, everyone had to distribute the Telegram link exchange banners according to the arrangement of the leads during the specific time period announced by the leader in consultation with the channel administrators.

The order of inserting banners in this type of Telegram link exchange is that you go to the channel or group where your banner is located, where the banner channel or group of all banners are arranged, then the banner after your banner Insert the latest banner into your channel.

Telegram Exchange

Telegram Exchange

Central Telegram Exchange

In this way, you are facing a center or exchange center, in which a channel is listed as a 2-list exchange center that the channels have to list in their channel at the appropriate time, and the center itself follows that. Whether or not this list has been included in the channels on time.
Last but not least, you should remove the exchange list from your channel at a specified time on the channel.

This type of exchange, which directs a channel to the center or center of the exchange, is called a “Telegram link exchange”.

How to apply for Telegram exchange groups

If you are planning to exchange a single channel, write a message requesting a single exchange with a single channel and send it to the groups.

After copying it within the group, the administrators of such channels will refer you to and coordinate with you.

It is advisable to include another method of communication in your message so that the administrator will be able to inform you by the second method if it is not possible to communicate with you by Telegram.

You can give a group link instead of the contact number so anyone who wants to exchange can join the group.

If you want to coordinate for a fever-to-fever exchange, you should have prepared a list in advance and sent it to the groups to see if you intend to exchange the Telegram link.

Nowadays, what is common and more coordinated in groups is night Telegram link exchange so think about this type of exchange more.

I should also note that you do not have to go to Telegram link exchange groups to exchange.

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