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☑️ Low drop rate (5 – 15%)

☑️ One week free refill guarantee

☑️ Best price on market

☑️ Adding on normal speed and safe mode

☑️ Non risky for new channel and groups

☑️ Legit & Legal

☑️ Silent members

☑️ Delivery Time = Each 1K takes about 2 hours

☑️ Just send us your public link


Do you have Telegram channel or group? If you wanna boost your Telegram subscribers, you came to the right place. We can help you to increase your group or channel members safety.

Do I need to Buy Telegram offline members?

Yes, because if your channel has large number of members, be sure to give your channel good credit and make other users more trusted in your channel.

What is the difference between Telegram members and post views?

The increase Telegram members is about the number of channel members, but the increase in Telegram post views, is talking about to increases the number of views per post, meaning the number of eye-catching posts.

How long will the offline members stay in the channel?

Offline members do not leave, just may be deleted by Telegram, they will stay about 3-6 month at least.

Can the Telegram post views be increased if I buy offline members?

Yes, but a few, if some of offline members come online, may see the last post on your channel. The more users you have, the easier it is for new users to join your channel. Increasing the number of Telegram channel members is one of the concerns of Telegram channel executives that can boost your business.

Considering that in the early days of the Telegram channel, you need to expand the channel content and increase the reach of the Telegram channel. you cab buy Telegram members and increase channel members too.

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500 Telegram Fake Members, 1,000 Telegram Fake Members, 2,000 Telegram Fake Members, 5,000 Telegram Fake Members, 10,000 Telegram Fake Members, 20,000 Telegram Fake Members, 50,000 Telegram Fake Members

2 reviews for Telegram Offline (Fake) Members

  1. mito5

    Worked. Nice job dear bts

  2. richard

    Great quality thanks a lot

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