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Telegram advertising is done in different ways. Here are three basic ways to advertise in a Telegram so you can do the best ad for your business. Advertising Telegram based on Visit
One of the most important and best methods of Telegram advertising is the Telegram Visited ads, because basically the Telegram is based on the visit.

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What dose mean by Telegram Visited ads?
You must have forwarded something from one channel to another. In this case you will see a small eye icon at the bottom of the post and a number next to it. This number indicates the number of visits to that post or the number of people who have seen it.

The advantages of this method to Advertise on popular Telegram channels
-Access to the list of popular and popular Telegram channels
-Wasting no time, energy and expense intended for the campaign
-The best way to reach the customer and target market
-Transparent and complete reporting of your campaign
-Free consultant to know the best Telegram channels for your business

telegram subscribers group

telegram subscribers group

Visiting ads is the way you place your ad (which can include your video, photo, website link or any other content) on a channels.
Typically, the channels that get more visits for the ads are high in terms of membership. You can find several channels relevant to your field of activity and your promotion and put your ad on those channels.

Advantage of visiting ads
Your advertising spend is targeted, in which way you pay based on the number of visits your ad makes. In fact, all you have to do is get your ad seen and you don’t pay any extra. For example, if you advertise in a newspaper, it is not clear how many people will see, but Telegram Visited ad is a very targeted method.

It doesn’t matter how much advertising budget you have, even if you have a small budget, you can use visited ads because you can get as many visits as you pay, and this is great flexibility.
Billboard advertising costs a large amount, but the Telegram, will get a small budget but its able to introduce your content to a huge audiences. Telegram Advertising based on clicks

Another way of advertising is in the Telegram is click advertising. You need Telegram advertising systems to implement this advertising method. The method of click-through advertising in the Telegram is that you pay for your ads on channels that are relevant to your business and pay only for every click on your ads.

What are the Benefits of Click Advertising?
Your ad spend is targeted, you are targeting your ad spend, and your cost is calculated per click.
Be careful, however, to place your ad on big & populated channels.

It can be tailored to your pocket, you can determine the number of clicks you can make depending on the cost. In most Telegram channels, this will start at $20 to get whatever you want.

Click-through ads are great for website or app promotion, this ad is suitable for increasing channel members, as clicking on a user’s ad will leave the Telegram and come back later, but it is highly effective for advertising a website or introducing a great app. Fixed and daily advertising on large Telegram channels.

telegram auto subscribers

telegram auto subscribers

This way you will pay for the Telegram channels or any system that runs your Telegram ads, and your ads will be aired on different channels for 1 day or more. If you’re planning on doing less than 1 day ad, be sure to choose what time of day.

Advertise on Telegram

 Advantages of periodical Advertising Method
It’s great for branding, because these channels are very reputable, so users can easily trust the content published on these channels, and that gives you special credibility, and that has a huge impact on your business and your branding.
Your audience is extremely broad: These channels have a lot of members, so your advertising is seen by a wide audience, and having the same impact on your branding and sales.

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