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does telegram pay users

Cross promotion on Telegram
The main way of advertising in the Telegram is cross promotion method. After you’ve identified your target channel based on the number of hours you target, you pay for the channel according to the channel’s terms and prices, and after your ad is inserted into the number of hours your ad stays in the channel and then will be removed.

Cross promotion on Telegram

You can buy Telegram subscribers, but the best way to get real effective members is advertising on Telegram big channels.
Advertise on relevant Telegram channel to grab real active Telegram members. Increase targeted Telegram channel members.

Advertise on Telegram

Depending on your needs, you may want your ad to remain on the channel for one or more hours to several days, or even weekly, depending on you and your advertising budget. Note that the amount you pay for each visit can vary depending on the type of channel and the number of subscribers in that channel. It is best to use this method when you have considered all aspects of your ad and are very confident about your ad feedback, otherwise be sure to go for other methods of advertising in the Telegram.

Telegram promotion

Telegram promotion

Massive Telegram Advertising

One of the best methods of advertising in the Telegram is the widely used advertising method. These types of advertisements are in fact the kind of on-demand advertising that is carried out in the higher and more powerful categories and can spread even across the entire world. The basis of this advertising method is that your ad banner is inserted in a large number of different groups at once. In fact, the number of hits you request is equal to the sum of the views of each banner you place on each channel.

Telegram promote

Let’s look at an example. Suppose you apply to a 4K ad agency and your ad is placed on 4 channels at the same time.
Channel 1: 1K Views
Channel 2: 1K Views
Channel 3: 1K Views

How to managing Telegram ads?
Do not worry at all because you are not going to manage them like other methods of advertising in your Telegram. You only coordinate with one of the Telegram Extended Advertising Managers who wants your ad to have a few (or several thousand) visits and all other necessary coordination with other channels is done by the respective manager.

Advertise on Telegram big channels

Your ad will be inserted according to your own time or according to the offers or plans provided by the Wide Area Network Manager, and after your ad reaches the agreed-upon channel, then all the channels that placed your ad They will remove you.

Advantages of Extended Advertising Method:
You do not need to co-ordinate yourself with several different channels and track each one individually to insert your ad’s prime time.
This way you will have more power and if you want to spend more on advertising, you will be able to seamlessly insert your ads in a large number of channels in a single channel.
Your rate of return increases dramatically and is faster than other methods of Telegram advertising. Suppose you want to get about one kilo of one of your ads in one channel, you definitely need to spend more time doing this, as your ad will appear in more channels in parallel as a result of the visit You’re going to happen a lot shorter than any other type of ad in the Telegram.
 Important advice in mass advertising:

telegram alert subscribers

telegram alert subscribers

Don’t use widespread advertising at the beginning of your channel, as it will cost from a few hundred thousand dollars to several millions of dollars, which if you do not have enough experience with your job market and your professional banner design, your advertising capital may be in vain. Consume and be disposed of, so I recommend that you go ahead with the other methods of Telegram advertising and increase your experience in managing your channel, then follow the methods you need to follow. Let’s pay.

Night advertising One of the best ways to advertise on Telegram
Nighttime advertising is one of the best and most effective ways of advertising that is the most popular type of ad in the Telegram. In this way, your banner will be inserted from about 1: 00-1: 2 pm and will remain there until the next day and up to about 6: 6-1: 6 pm and then removed.

Night’s post (Advertising during the night)
If your ad’s is last post of channel, you will have to pay more, but it will bring you a great number of hits and results.

Buy Telegram subscribers

Of course, you can also have a combination of day & night posting and hourly promotions, such as a one-hit visit, until the end of your post is your last post on that channel, and after you reach that target, then insert it Be. For example, you agree to keep your banner until the last 4K views of the post, and after the visit has reached that number, the channel admin will be allowed to insert additional posts into their channel and eventually remove the ad after 5 hours.

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