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Buy Telegram channel subscriber
Free Telegram subscribers
Free Telegram subscribers
telegram channel followers

telegram channel followers

Real, active & online subscribers, invite to join by sending invitation (join) link to online people, by popup notification system. (international, Random)

Telegram subscribers Services

The service & Telegram subscribers prices are individualized by type service.

All services will be paid for at the time of service, any service will be sent in to the individual’s coverage for reimbursement.

Telegram subscribers prices may vary based on your request & plan.

telegram followers app

telegram followers app

A a Telegram subscribers service office, Discounts for bulk orders are allowed.

It would be considered a “Gift for big orders” Having one price for Telegram subscribers and a separate price for big orders only.

Financial hardships can have a sliding scale with documentation.

Time of service discounts are possible and typically based on periodic Telegram subscribers orders.

Price list of Telegram subscribers services

  1. Definitions: Our Price List should be read in conjunction with our Terms, where you will find all the defined terms used in our Price List.
  2. Free services: Salva offers some free Telegram subscribers. Just for test and trust or as a proof. Salva does not charge anything for its delivery of unsuccessful Service, Telegram subscribers failed services, unsuccessful Service is free.
  3. Telegram subscribers Service prices: If Salva is successful with providing Telegram subscribers as a Service and the Client receives members as Compensation, All fees are included or informed before start, which will be deducted from Telegram subscribers price.

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